"Without participating in SROP, I would not have been as prepared for the graduate application process. As participants, we engaged in a rigorous GRE-prep course, received extensive information on strengthening our application materials, and the program set us up with graduate students to serve as our mentors throughout the graduate application process."

Brian A. Burt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Higher Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison and SROP Alumnus.

Enhance your academic and research skills by working one-on-one with a faculty mentor from top-ranked research institutions. Gain experience as an undergraduate student to put you at an advantage as a graduate applicant:

  • Weekly campus-based educational enrichment activities broaden your view of graduate education and research, along with strengthening your technical skills.
  • Campus workshops inform you about graduate admission procedures, financial aid opportunities, test-taking skills, preparing a presentation, and expose you to a wide range of research fields. Informal social gatherings provide a relaxed setting for students and faculty to exchange ideas and share experiences.
  • At the end of the summer, you present the results of your research project at a  symposium or poster session held on your campus.

SROP Points of View
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